RAW offers amenities in our facility such as fully functional locker rooms, showers, and a nutrition shop on location. We do not offer any classes, however we have an elite staff of trainers to service all of our members!

About RAW Gym

Top of the Line Equipment & Amenities

We are not kidding when we say that RAW is the best fitness facility around. ​RAW offers the best gym equipment on the market, and every piece of equipment was hand chosen in order to meet the wants and needs of our members. We offer a vast array of cardio machines, selectorized strength equipment, and free weights. 

Our facility features a number of clean, comfortable amenities to ensure each visit is rewarding and leaves you looking forward to your next visit to enjoy working out.

Fitness for the Community

At RAW Gym, we’re proud to be a member of this fantastic community. We feel a responsibility to make a fit and active lifestyle accessible to anyone and everyone. You can see that we take that responsibility seriously in our reasonable rates and a wide array of training programs. Our focus at RAW is to cater to every member, whether they are a beginner or advanced lifter.

Elite Level Quality for the Individual

  • Individualized Training Programs

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • Certified Professional Fitness Trainers

  • Continuing Education

  • No Long-Term Commitment Required

Each time you walk through our doors, you’ll be pleased to discover our entire staff, as well as our members are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals with courteous enthusiasm.

Contact us today, and start down the road to a new level of fitness!

Whether you’re someone who loves free weights, trains on machines, or enjoys walking on the treadmill, you’ll find we have a variety of state-of-the-art equipment to meet your fitness needs.

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State-of-the-Art Equipment
Affordable and No Long Term Commitment 
Elite Trainers and Staff